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Thank You – Sunset Pilates

Thank You – Sunset Pilates .offers a specific Pilates Teacher Training Program that produces highly skilled and capable trainers. It is taught every year by Master Teacher Nancy Wuisan. Sunset Pilates teaches the classical approach to the original exercise method of Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s; one that preserves Joseph Pilates original techniques but incorporates todays knowledge and newer props such as the swiss ball and foam roller. This course has a strong emphasis on the fundamental exercises being the foundation for posture alignment and injury prevention. Thank You – Sunset Pilates. New to Pilates? So, you have decided to have a go at Pilates? What to expect? you

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Thank You - Sunset Pilates

Sunset Pilates offers a professional, safe and relaxed setting for clients of all ages and abilities. Using the classical principles of Pilates, our highly trained instructors will design programs to meet your individual needs in any place or stage of life. Whether you are seeking body conditioning and fitness, improved posture, injury management or pain relief, Sunset Pilates will help you achieve your goals. Thank You – Sunset Pilates

Pilates IS strength training as well as many other things that have been and will be covered in other posts. But for this one, I would like to explain that Pilates aims to build strength by working with resistance; the springs on the apparatus and also on the mat with magic circles, thera bands and using light weights. Gaining muscle increases calorie-burning potential. That means increasing your metabolism. Hooray! Pilates promotes body awareness and the mind-body connection. Regular practice will inspire you to take control of your body and make healthier eating habits. It would be hard to lose weight with ANY exercise system if you stop for a burger on the way home. Thank You – Sunset Pilates