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An introduction to Pilates

For those of you who practice Pilates regularly, you have already felt the benefits of this complex practice. Pilates is now the most popular “movement workout” that enhances healthy bones, joints, cartilage, discs, and muscles. On top of that, you feel strong from the inside out and feel good about

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Pilates for Weight Loss?

Can you lose weight doing Pilates? This is a question that I often get asked, especially at this time of year. New Year New You, right? My answer is yes. Pilates IS strength training as well as many other things that have been and will be covered in other posts.

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New To Pilates?

So, you have decided to have a go at Pilates? What to expect? First of all, do some research into the teacher’s qualifications and how many years of teaching experience they have had. How long has the studio you plan to go to exist? Do the teachers teach in the

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Is Pilates for you?

Pilates…not just for women and dancers. I was talking to a client the other day who, after praising the Pilates method and professing her love for it, confessed that she originally thought Pilates was not meant for her. She believed that only tall, willowy, dancer-type women did Pilates. We agreed