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Private & Group Classes are available at both studios (by appointment only)

  • I've been coming to Sunset Pilates since around mid-2009, but have only been a regular since last year, over my year off after high school. In just a year, pilates has made such a difference in my life- I feel stronger, leaner and more flexible, and unlike other forms of exercise, pilates has really helped me with things like stiff muscles and posture. I look forward to coming in to class every time, and Rachel and Nancy are such great instructors who really take the time and give the attention you need to correct you and help you improve with every lesson. Pilates is the only exercise I've ever enjoyed so much and stuck to, and it has definitely been worth it…both in terms of feeling and looking better, trust me, it works! Thank you so much Sunset, I will definitely be coming back whenever I'm back in Bali!



Private Pilates Class

A personalised hour long session designed to concentrate on each individuals needs. The teacher will evaluate your body, type, posture, past medical history and address any rehabilitation requirements. Private class are designed to help you perform the exercises efficiently and with correct form so that you can get the best results from your workout.

Couples Class

Similar to a private session, couples class are designed for those wanting to have individualised attention and share it with a partner or friend. Experience an integrative workout using all of the Pilates apparatus and props. Enjoy the benefits of feeling stronger, leaner and healthier. Couples class are also fun way to enjoy Pilates at a less expensive rate.


Pregnancy Class

Pilates is an ideal form of exercise during pregnancy as it works your core muscles and pelvic floor enabling for a fast post natal recovery. Pregnancy class are an hour long and hold up to 4 women so the instructors can provide safe personal care and attention. You can join a pregnancy class once you have had your 12 week scan and have approval from your doctor or midwife.


Rehabilitation Class

Live your best life with our private Pilates rehabilitation programmes designed to meet your specific goals. Rehabilitiation class are a safe and effective practice in recovering from an injury or managing a chronic condition.
Our highly skilled instructors will plan a Pilates-based exercise program based on a thorough assessment and will work closely with your physical or occupational therapist throughout your progression.

Mat Pilates Class

Get the most out of your workout in a fun and exciting group setting. Mat class use your body weight as the primary source of resistance and are inclusive of various props including foam rollers, magic circles and Swiss balls etc. to add variety and an extra challenge.
Mat class are open to all fitness levels as the instructor offers modifications for those who are beginners, and variations for the more advanced. If you have any injuries or movement limitations, we highly recommend taking private sessions for assessment and guidance before taking mat class.

Circuit Class

Circuit class are an intense low impact circuit-based session using a range of Pilates equipment including the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Wunda Chair, the Ladder Barell and various props. Clients rotate between both Pilates and cardio based equipment. This class is designed to keep your heart rate up, burn calories and tone your body. Circuit class are for those who understand the Pilates fundamentals and have had Pilates apparatus experience.


Nancy Wuisan

Nancy Wuisan

With a background in ballet, Nancy is a registered RAD teacher. After completing a 2,000 hour Pilates apprenticeship in Jakarta, Nancy then completed her Classical Pilates Certificate with Master teacher, Alvin Giam.
In 2007 Nancy joined Sunset Pilates, where she has developed a large following for her unique and caring attitude and precise training in the true Pilates method with all her clients.
Apart from a special interest in the rehabilitation of clients with scoliosis, in 2011 she organised the first Comprehensive Teachers’ training program and continues to run the program each year.

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