Sunset Pilates Bali offers high quality, boutique teacher trainings that emphasise the classical method, which seeks to preserve Joseph Pilates’ original techniques and intent. Though the classical method is undeniably important, we acknowledge that much has changed since Pilates’ passing, and our training programs reflect this by incorporating the latest research in the field of movement mechanics, as well as keeping up with current fitness trends, making our trainees more marketable in a competitive industry. Both of our programs strongly emphasise the importance of fundamental/foundational movements as being the basis for aligning the body, creating a strong mind-body connection, and preventing injury.

Our Master Teachers come from strong backgrounds, and have decades of teaching experience between them. Our six month program is taught every year by Master Teacher Nancy Wuisan, and the immersive four week program is taught three times per year by Master Teacher Saria Bartholomew. Both programs produce highly skilled and capable trainers that go on to teach in studios around the world.

Though an NPCP certification (formerly known as a PMA certification) is not required to build a successful career in teaching, both programs help prepare graduates to sit for the exam. Please see the FAQ page for more information about the NPCP exam and eligibility requirements.

Immersive 4 Week Training
Mat + Reformer on April 2nd - May 1st, 2023

Sunset Pilates is excited to offer a comprehensive 4 week Mat + Reformer Teacher Training Program. Mat and Reformer are the most popular apparatuses in the Pilates industry today, and knowledgeable instructors are in high demand.  This is a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in a quality educational experience while enjoying the iconic natural beauty and rich culture that Bali has to offer. 

This program prepares students for success in a rapidly growing industry by teaching them how to proficiently execute the exercises in their own bodies, and by helping them develop the skills needed to effectively instruct others in the Pilates method. Pilates demands precision, in both movement and instruction, and teaching skills must be well developed to teach the method to its true intention. This intensive, immersive learning experience is designed to help students develop into instructors that honour this intention.

  • Passion for the Pilates method
  • Desire to learn
  • History of the Pilates method
  • Pilates principles and philosophy
  • Functional understanding of anatomy and movement mechanics
  • Classical, clinical, and contemporary approach
  • Effective cueing
  • Deconstructing and progressing exercises
  • Client assessment and evaluation
  • Modifications, pre and postpartum, common injuries/conditions, working with athletes
  • Building a career in teaching
  • Foundations + Anatomy: 40 in class hours
  • Mat: 44 in class hours
  • Reformer: 92 in class hours
  • Practice Teaching: 110 hours
  • Observation: 110 hours
  • Self Practice: 120 hours
  • Test Out: written and hands on teaching, submitted online
  • Pilates History
  • Functional Anatomy
  • Foundational Movements
  • Classical and Contemporary Mat Repertoire
  • Classical and Contemporary Reformer Repertoire

Session 1
Jan 3rd - 30th, 2023

Foundations + Anatomy

Week One: 3-9 January


Week Two: 10 - 16 January


Weeks Three and Four: 17 - 30 January

Session 3
May 1st - 28th, 2023

Foundations + Anatomy

Week One: 1-7 May


Week Two: 8 - 14 May


Weeks Three and Four: 15 - 28 May

Session 4
Sept 3rd - 30th, 2023

Foundations + Anatomy

Week One: 3-9 September


Week Two: 10 - 16 September


Weeks Three and Four: 17 - 30 September

Immersive 4 Week Training Contact/Registration Form

Questions about the program and about program registration can be submitted here. The program’s instructor will respond directly to all enquiries.

Comprehensive Certification 6 Months

This comprehensive 780 hours program is offered in a 6 months format. The class size is limited to ensure a high level of attention and service. A midterm exam will be conducted for the mat certification, consisting of a theoretical exam, presentation and the teaching of fundamental and mat exercises. A total of 780 hours is required before a student can do the final exam and earn their Comprehensive Teachers Training Certificate and become a qualified Pilates Teacher.

  • Student must have a passion for Pilates and a desire to learn.
  • Student must be in good health
  • Student must have at least 1 – 2 years practicing pilates mat and equipment.
  • Student must be able to commit to the full program
  • The six core principals of the Traditional Pilates system.
  • The philosophy and history of Pilates.
  • Teaching ethics and principles
  • How to design a lesson plan
  • The concept of anatomy applicable to specific pilates exercises, biomechanics and body analysis.
  • Teaching groups (Prenatal and Postnatal, Athletes, Seniors etc.)
  • Extensive rehabilitation knowledge (Scoliosis, Post Cancer, Lordosis,
  • Degenerative Disc Disease or DDD, Post Stroke etc.) and research into a case study
  • The Fundamental or Pre-Pilates exercises
  • Mat exercises (Level 1- 2 – 3 – 4) & Props
  • Reformer exercises (Level 1 – 2 – 3 – 4) & Props
  • Other Equipment : Cadillac, Spine corrector, Ladder Barrel, Wundachair

Final exam: when 400 teaching hours are accumulated:

  • Lecture/seminar participation: around 80 hours
  • Personal practice: at least 4 times a week (total: 250 hours)
  • Assisting teaching and observing: a total of 50 hours
  • Practice teaching: 400 hours (include of the case study)
  • Case study: Rehab Purposes and Research (ex. Scoliosis, Post-Cancer, Lordosis, Degenerative Disc Disease or Ddd, Post-Stroke).
  • Body Anatomy
  • Posture Assesment
  • History of Joseph Pilates
  • Traditional Movement Fundamentals on mats as well as equipment (Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Corrector, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel, and Small Barrel)
  • Rehab

Next Session
Jul - Dec 2023

Philosophy, History, 6 Principles, Fundamental, Level 1 & 2 Mat Work, Level 1 Reformer.

July 2023

Teaching Principles, Anatomy, Mat Work Level 3 & 4, Teaching Practice, Reformer Work.​

August 2023

Level 3 & 4 Reformer (mid-term MAT exam).

September 2023

Rehab, Pregnancy, Older Population, Athletes.

September - October 2023

Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrels, Small Props.

November - December 2023

Comprehensive Certification 6 Months Contact/Registration Form

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