Local Bali Guide

  1. With regard to accommodations please contact totalbali@totalbali.com from totalbali.com. They are a reliable local agent and can book your accommodations directly, based on your budget and experience expectations. You will be spending time at both the Legian (4 days a week) and Berawa (weekends) Sunset Pilates locations, so we suggest you book somewhere nearby or in between so your commute isn’t too long. Bali is known for heavy traffic, so please plan accordingly. Total Bali already knows the studio locations so they will be able to assist you in the best way possible. Total Bali can also suggest/offer “things to do”. So, if you’re interested in island tours, surf lessons, etc. they are well equipped to help you plan such activities.

  2. Airbnb is also a good resource for accommodations, but you will need to do your due diligence and look at the reviews and locations. From personal experience, Mugeri Homestay in Berawa is clean, inexpensive, and the host family is wonderful.

  3. If you are interested in sharing a villa/room with other program trainees, please let us know. This is something we can help arrange.
  1. Renting and driving a motorbike is a very common, budget friendly way of getting around in Bali. However, if the idea of driving a motorbike does not appeal to you, we suggest you download the app “Grab”. The app functions similarly to Uber, in that you can call for a motorbike or car to quickly pick you up. It is very affordable and an easy way to get around. You are required to have a license/temporary permit to drive a motorbike here in Bali, and you are also required to wear a helmet. Most motorbike rental shops will rent to you even if you do not have a license/permit, but if you are caught without one you will be required to pay fines. For more information on obtaining a license/permit, please visit the link. 

  2. Many villas/hotels will offer pick up/drop off services to and from the airport for a reasonable price. Or, you can easily book a car through the Grab app. Grab has a location/kiosk just outside the airport with staff that can help you when you arrive.
  1. There are many wonderful restaurants to choose from, and Bali has a thriving cafe culture. Here are some restaurants in the area that the studio owner suggested, as well as some of Saria’s favorites: Breakfast/Lunch: Brunch Club, Gourmet Cafe, Satu Satu Cafe, Made’s Warung, Revolver, The Avocado Factory, Copenhagen, Nude, Butterman Lunch/Dinner: La Luciola, Mamasan, Kudeta, Biku, Da Romeo, The Lawn, Penny Lane, Seoul BBQ, MASON Canggu, Johnny Taco, Riviera Bistro

  2. The Grab app offers cheap/fast delivery straight to your villa, so it’s easy to satisfy your cravings whenever you’re hungry. 

  3. To avoid getting Bali belly (food poisoning), we suggest avoiding raw seafood during the rainy season. Additionally, some restaurants wash their salad greens with unfiltered water, so you may want to ask your server before ordering raw greens. We also suggest you stick with bottled/filtered water, even when brushing your teeth.
  1. Wifi service is generally fast and plentiful on the island. Most, if not all villas, restaurants, and cafes will offer free wifi. Just ask the staff to give you the password.

  2. If your current cell phone service provider does not offer international roaming/data services, or if the plan is outside of your budget, you will want to purchase a prepaid SIM card with data. These SIM cards are inexpensive and available at many locations around the island. To find a location that sells SIM cards and cell phone accessories, google “SIM Card Bali” or “Cell Phone Stores”. The staff there will help you put the card in your phone. Please be aware that some service providers require that you “unlock” your current SIM card before you can use another. Please check with your current provider BEFORE you come to Bali to avoid a delay in service.

  3. Google maps generally works well here, so if you do choose to rent and drive your own motorbike, this will help you get around. We suggest purchasing and installing a phone mount for your bike so you can have hands free guidance. These are available for purchase in Bali and are inexpensive. You can purchase them at the same place you purchase a SIM card. In the case of rain, we also recommend you purchase a rain cover for your phone, which you can also find at any place that sells a SIM card.
  1. It’s up to you to decide if you want to purchase travel/medical insurance. There are many companies that offer it. You will need to do your research to decide what works best for you.

  2. There are many medical clinics in the area and you can pay out of pocket for services. If you have insurance, you may be able to get reimbursed for the expenses. You can google “Medical Clinic Bali” to find one near you.

  3. There are many pharmacies in Bali. Please note tampons are hard to find here, and they’re expensive, so if that’s something you need, bring a supply. If you need to purchase some here, Saria can tell you where to find them.
  1. If you need help deciding on which visa best suits your needs, and if you need help with the application process, contact balivisas.com for assistance. Depending on how long you’re staying, a Visa On Arrival (assuming your country is on the accepted list) or a Tourist Visa should be suitable.

  2. Exchanging money can be done at the airport, but you may not get the best rates. BMC and Central Kuta are very reliable and will give you good rates. There are also smaller “money changers” all around the island, just find a place that doesn’t take commission. Google “money changer” or “money exchange” to find one near you.

  3. Illicit drug use is very serious here. Some common prescription drugs are considered illegal here, so please do your research. This is not something you want to be unprepared for. Do not bring any type of cannabis related products here, even if it has no active ingredients (for example, CBD oils etc.)

  4. Use of the power outlets here will likely require an adaptor. These are available for purchase at many mini marts and convenience stores.