10th May to 12th May 2019

Workshop Teacher:

Anula Maiberg was born in Israel and moved to NYC in 2001 in order to pursue a career in photography. While working on her degree at the School of Visual Arts she fell in love with Pilates through the classes and private sessions she took around the city.

After receiving her Masters in Fine Art from the Royal College in London and a few years at a “desk” job she realized happiness wasn’t in front of the computer screen. She decided to attended the Kane School for Core Integration (Kinected) to become a fully certified teacher graduated in 2009.

After several years teaching she was accepted into the Kathy Grant Heritage Training Masers and graduated in 2014. In 2017 Anula started a world tour. Spanning all over the US, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia. She’s been hosted by Polestar, Breathe Education, Balanced Body and Stott.

Anula is passionate about upholding the traditions and principles of Pilates while being able to update and personalize them for the needs of her students. She also feels strongly about volunteering her time to the LGBTQ community and believes Pilates is a wonderful movement modality and a tool for healing in a supportive environment.

Studio Host

Vianca instantly fell in love with Pilates and the way it both strengthened and connected her to a total mind/body focus whilst taking regular weekly classes in Sydney 10 years ago.

After a long career in sales & digital marketing roles in London, Barcelona and Sydney, she was searching for a change and to spend her time in a more rewarding and healthier role helping people. With the birth of her 2nd child and a move from Sydney to Bali in 2013 she enrolled and completed her fully comprehensive Pilates certification in the original classical method.

In 2016 Vianca opened her first fully equipped Pilates studio in Canggu Bali. She has grown the studio to now employ 2 more teachers. At Sunset Pilates we have group reformer and mat classes and work with many private clients focusing on their specific rehabilitation or fitness goals from a personalised plan we create from our first lesson together. We have a diverse range of ages and nationalities that visit our studio being located in Indonesia and on a tourist island.

Vianca makes it a priority to continue her own Pilates lessons to deepen her understanding and further expand her knowledge because her practice is her teacher. “In my practice, my teaching and in my life I am inspired by connection with the body and mind. As a teacher, my intention is to create a space where each student can have fun and connect in the same way to experience success in movement, positive change and their own greatness.”

Studio Location

Deepen and develop your practice and teaching knowledge in our beautiful studio located in Canggu, Bali. Stretching between Kerobokan and Echo Beach – cool Canggu (the ‘Gu) is full of colourful beachfront bars, surf ready waves, wholefood cafes, hipsters and fitness places. It’s where rice field vistas meet volcanic black sand beaches and you don’t have to compromise on dining, nightlife or staying fit.

Workshop 1 – Transferable Skills

Friday 10 th of May 2019 (9am – 2pm)

Why shapes repeat in Pilates protocols and why it matters. We will go over repeated patters and look at how they can be used towards ease of movement and more flowing transitions. We will also discuss how speed changes the meaning of movement. We will delve into what is the purpose of certain movements and why giving the work personal meaning changes our outlook as professionals

Workshop 2 – Mobilize to Stabilize

Saturday 11 th of May 2019 (9am – 2pm)

This workshop is geared toward exploring end-range movement and joint mobility. Why more movement equals improved stability. We will obsess on the notion of: full expression of human potential at any age. We will cover how finding one’s personal best is only the beginning. What happens when we take the springs away and why sometimes we should. Because if we can we must. This workshop is open to all humans at any level of practice. Be ready to work hard and arrive with an open mind.

Workshop 3 – Rotation, Extension and Lateral Flexion

Sunday 12 th of May 2019 (9am – 2pm)

In this class we will find the obvious and hidden spirals of the Method. We will delve into the purpose of the apparatus and the Mat. Springs can be strong but so should our human resiliency. The ways we become more resilient is by practicing none linear patterns. How can we find a vocabulary around making the unpracticed more accessible? The key sometimes lives in combining Rotation, Extension and Lateral Bend

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  • Please note a strictly limited number of spaces will be available. All bookings will be confirmed only when registration is paid in full. The workshops do NOT include lunches or the welcome dinner. However, we would love you to join us, please tick and pay for the lunch package and/or welcome dinner in advance, for catering purposes.


    • Morning mat workout with Anula Maiberg
    • Welcome pack including: t-shirt, note book and pen, and 'what's hot list for shops and restaurants
    • Chosen workshops
    • Lunch (optional extra)
    • Welcome Dinner (optional extra)
  • - Transferable Skills
    - Mobilize to Stabilize
    - Rotation, Extension and Lateral Flexion
  • One Day: 10 th May, 2019 (9.00am- 2.00pm)
  • One Day: 11 th May, 2019 (9.00am- 2.00pm)
  • One Day: 12 th May, 2019 (9.00am- 2.00pm)
  • Price: $ 20.00 Quantity:
  • Price: $ 40.00 Quantity:
  • $ 0.00

    After the daily workshops, our guest instructor Anula Maiberg will be available to work with you to deepen your personal practice. Private, Duo Private or Group classes with up to 5 spots available in each group class.

    Spaces will be limited and on first booked basis so pre book in below your personal class with your workshops.

  • 2.30 PM     3.45 PM     5.00 PM    

    Private class (1 client) $US 60.00
    Duo Private (2 clients) $US 80.00
    Group Class (3-5 clients) $US 25.00 /person

  • 2.30 PM     3.45 PM     5.00 PM    

    Private class (1 client) $US 60.00
    Duo Private (2 clients) $US 80.00
    Group Class (3-5 clients) $US 25.00 /person

  • 2.30 PM     3.45 PM     5.00 PM    

    Private class (1 client) $US 60.00
    Duo Private (2 clients) $US 80.00
    Group Class (3-5 clients) $US 25.00 /person

Please email workshops@sunsetpilatesbali.com for more information