Courses – Sunset Pilates Bali

3D Standing Pilates Level 1 (2 day course)
3D Standing Pilates is an evolutionary method which advances the essential Pilates principles into more functional upright positions. This two day foundation course introduces a theoretical 3D Standing Pilates model and teaches a series of 3D Standing Pilates movements to address balance, ROM, myofascial control and neural dynamics in standing.

Courses – Sunset Pilates Bali

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Courses - Sunset Pilates Bali

Ante & Post Natal Pilates (2 day course)
These courses are designed specifically for those who wish to learn more about the application of Pilates in Pregnancy and the post-natal setting. Lectures on the physiological and biomechanical changes that occur during pregnancy, the postural changes and considerations, SPD, labour, post-natal recovery and precautions and contra-indications to exercise in pregnancy are presented.